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Docker container setup on Docker free web server

Simple question, but I haven't found much after Googling.

What I would like to create Linux systems that are based on Docker containers from Docker hub.

If I temporary need a docker-engine this would be OK, once I create a Linux image, but after that docker and docker-engine packages would not be needed.

Any idea would be helpful.

    • Excluding the fact that almost every virtue in running docker containers would be gone, the images from Docker Hub rely heavily in two things: pre-compiled binaries and base images. The first is so we don't have to rebuild the entire system everytime we build a image. The second is the base for the installation. I imagine that you could do something like what you're saying by "substituting" the base Docker images with VM images and reapplying every command, but I fail to see the practical side of it.
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    • That's right. It's not possible. You have control of the server, right? Just install it. If you don't have control of the server, then your question is off-topic here.
    • The full control of the web server was my only option. I am in the software industry for 20 years and I learned that almost everything is possible. So I will provide a little more room for some other possible answers.

The first thing you need to have for using docker is all the necessary packages and kernel support for docker command.. If you plan to use docker on a VM without docker.. I'm afraid there is no more to do. Are you willing to take a look at other lightweight virtualization technology? Lxd/snap are something that can help you..

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