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I would like to reach a docker elasticsearch container over OpenVPN but i don't know how to tell OPenVPN server to port forward 9200 elasticsearch port to the OpenVPN client with the service.

Network schema:

network schema


Openvpn Server - [public AWS Ubuntu ec2 instance with docker openvpn container]

client 1 - [LAN 1] - [] behind NAT Router
Windows Server Host [OpenVpn Client connected OK]
VirtualBox with Ubuntu LTS Guest Docker
Elasticsearch docker container port 9200
client 2 - [LAN 2] - [] behind NAT Router
Windows 10 [OpenVpn client connected OK]


Avoid to opening ports on LAN 1 Router. Client 2 wants to reach elasticsearch docker container in Windows Server client 1 without connecting to the VPN.

Basically what i want to replicate is a ssh remote tunnel but instead using OpenVpn:

ssh -R -N user@vpn-server.domain.net

I need some help on what steps i would have to follow to achieve this.

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