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docker-compose scale command does not work

When I enter the command

docker-compose up -d  --scale web=5 

The following is displayed

Builds, (re)creates, starts, and attaches to containers for a service.

Unless they are already running, this command also starts any linked services.

The `docker-compose up` command aggregates the output of each container. When
the command exits, all containers are stopped. Running `docker-compose up -d`
starts the containers in the background and leaves them running.

No service is scaled up.

The OS is openSUSE Leap.

The remainder of the output is

If there are existing containers for a service, and the service's configuration
or image was changed after the container's creation, `docker-compose up` picks
up the changes by stopping and recreating the containers (preserving mounted
volumes). To prevent Compose from picking up changes, use the `--no-recreate`

If you want to force Compose to stop and recreate all containers, use the
`--force-recreate` flag.

Usage: up [options] [SERVICE . . . ]

    -d                              Detached mode: Run containers in the background,
                                    print new container names.
                                    Incompatible with --abort-on-container-exit.
    --no-color                  Produce monochrome output.
    --no-deps                   Don't start linked services.
    --force-recreate            Recreate containers even if their configuration
                                    and image haven't changed.
                                    Incompatible with --no-recreate.
    --no-recreate               If containers already exist, don't recreate them.
                                    Incompatible with --force-recreate.
    --no-build                  Don't build an image, even if it's missing.
    --build                         Build images before starting containers.
    --abort-on-container-exit   Stops all containers if any container was stopped.
                                    Incompatible with -d.
    -t, --timeout TIMEOUT       Use this timeout in seconds for container shutdown
                                    when attached or when containers are already
                                    running. (default: 10)
    --remove-orphans            Remove containers for services not
                                    defined in the Compose file

The version of docker-compose is 1.8.1.

The docker-compose.yml file is

    version: '2'


               image: nginx:alpine

               image: sixeyed/ubuntu-with-utils
               container_name: util
               command: ping web

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