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Does wayland support video card(s) resource isolation?

From what I know, with hypervisors, I need an IOMMU capable motherboard and multiple graphics cards to run multiple virtualized instances remotely (correct me if I'm wrong). ESXi allows for virtualized instances in such a manner, where a user gets graphics card support as opposed to just a terminal.

Is that the case with wayland? What about multiple vnc sessions? Are multiple vnc sessions supported by a single Linux OS like CentOS 6? What about dockers and wayland? Would dockers isolate resources on the graphics card and wayland or x server not really matter?

Business goal: whether or not wayland is made for graphics containerization, like is the case for cpu, ram, etc. for docker.

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    • Maybe this question would fit better on Stack Overflow? It seems like a question more for programmers to answer than sysadmins; also there are [wayland] and [iommu] tags there. I can flag it to be moved if you like.
    • Beware, though, @paulcube, that just because the question is on topic doesn't mean there are people who can give you a good answer, thus another reason why the question may be better suited for a different site.

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