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A PHP Error was encountered

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Line: 191
Function: _error_handler

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Line: 433
Function: view

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Line: 315
Function: require_once

I execute the below command for blur the video background but i get error.

String[] complexCommand = {"-i", "" + yourRealPath, "-lavfi", "[0:v]scale=ih*16/9:-1",
    "boxblur=luma_radius=min(640,356)/20", ":luma_power=1:chroma_radius=min(cw,ch)/20",
    ":chroma_power=1[bg]", ";[bg][0:v]", "overlay=(W-w)/2:(H-h)/2",
    "crop=h=iw*9/16", "-vb", "800K", filePath};


Unable to find a suitable output format for'boxblur=luma_radius=min(640,356)/20' boxblur=luma_radius=min(640,356)/20: Invalid argument

This snippet is working well for me:

"-i", input,
"-strict", "-2",
"-filter_complex", "[0:v]scale=ih*16/9:-1,boxblur=luma_radius=min(h\\,w)/20:luma_power=1:chroma_radius=min(cw\\,ch)/20:chroma_power=1[bg];[bg][0:v]overlay=(W-w)/2:(H-h)/2,crop=h=iw*9/16",
"-c:v", "libx264",
"-pix_fmt", "yuv420p",
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    • Thanks.Its working. Can you please explain how its work. Because Sometime I get error. Invalid too big or non positive size for width '356' or height '356'
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    • You have to explore the input source to resolve that, maybe there is a metadata error and FFMPEG can't recognize width/height.