Restarting the system logger daemon shouldn't have any negative impact on the system or applications. I've reconfigured rsyslog/syslog-ng for remote UDP sending of logs on plenty of servers (including a small Zimbra installation) during production hours, along with service restarts, and I've never had any issues.

Even if syslog was mis-configured/down for a while, nothing bad happened.

However, one cannot say for sure that there will be absolutley no impact on Zimbra's MTA - just to be safe, think about making the change during your maintenance window - shut down Zimbra services, reconfigure rsyslog, and get them back up.

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    • Thanks for the tips. I actually feel the same way. I applied a lot of rsyslog changes on most of my servers except my mail server. But I already tested restarting rsyslog on my staging zimbra architecture and all is well.

Warm tip !!!

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