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Missing MD5Sums control file

Forgive my Linux newbness....

I've just run the follow dpkg -C

and it returned the following:

The following packages are missing the md5sums control file in the database, they need to be reinstalled: module-init-tools
transitional dummy package (module-init-tools to kmod) libjson0:amd64 JSON manipulation library (transitional package)

How do I go about rectifying this/these issue(s) ???

P.s. At this point I've not tried to do anything to fix them since I'd be throwing blunt knives at under inflated balloons in the dark, and I really don't want to mess anything up.

It would appear the fairly simple solution -once you know how- is to reinstall the two packages with the following commands:

sudo apt-get install --reinstall libjson0:amd64


sudo apt-get install --reinstall module-init-tools
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