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I've got rsyslog set up correctly forwarding all logs on a set of clients to a central server. Things like ssh auth logs etc all work fine and appear in the remote server properly.

The issue is that I have custom upstart jobs for my applications which log to /var/log/upstart/app-name.log and I can't figure out how to get rsyslog to send that stuff to the central server. I've monitored the network traffic and the log lines are not even sent, so it's not a matter of the receiving server having some kind of filter, the client doesn't even try.

Any ideas? I'm using the standard console log stanza in upstart (although it's default in modern ubuntu anyway).

My client rsyslog config is vanilla except for:

#send to logging server
*.* @

which is right at the top of the default file and works for all of the standard log events.

Any thoughts?

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