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Ubuntu server extend root disk

I want to extend my root volume but I think I'm missing a crucial step.

In the /etc/fstab file I found following entries:

enter image description here

After lvdisplay I get following results:

enter image description here

So it looks like the LV size is 40.00GiB

As final check I entered the following command: df -h

enter image description here

Where is the remaining disk space?

Just to clear a few things out: I'm not a server guy, but a software engineer. The guy who created the servers(templates) said it would be easy to extend the disks. He already tried a few hours to do this, but wasn't able to complete the task. So, could someone help me to solve this issue (or give an appropriate solution)?

Last time I had to extend memory on an ubuntu device (14.04) I used the command lvdisplay, lvextend and resize2fs.

using sudo lvdisplay, note the LV Path and the Free PE/Size (should be a plain number).

after that, I used sudo lvextend -l <Free PE/Size> <LV Path>.

lastly the command sudo resize2fs <LV Path> did the actual resizing.

I checked to see if it was done with Df -h.

I hope this helps.

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