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Making changes to instance template

I created an instance template. And used it to create an autoscaled instance group.

I wanted to know, what is the best way to make changes to this instance template so changes are pushed to all instances created from this image automatically.

Edit: To further explain my usecase. My application requires full access to shell so creating an instance template seems like the only way for me. The docs say I cannot update my instance template. Is there a workaround for this? What is the standard way of tackling this.


You can use the following gcloud command to recreate the existing VMs using the new or the same template whichever is set to your managed group:

$ gcloud compute instance-groups managed recreate-instances NAME --instances=INSTANCE

Another option is applying rolling updates using the Instance Group Updater service. At the moment, as this service is an Alpha release, you may require to whitelist it in your project before using it.

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    • Is there a plan to make the rolling update GA (it's been 2 years) ? This is a key feature of any auto-scaled environment. It is not clear from the docs if there will be service disruption if the recreate instances command is used.
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    • That does not really answer what I was asking, which is - when will the service be generally available and out of alpha?

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