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I try to create an instance with a local attached SSD on GCE. I used the command from the docs:

gcloud compute instances create foobz \
     --machine-type n1-standard-8 \
     --zone us-central1-f \
     --local-ssd interface=nvme \
     --local-ssd interface=nvme \
     --image nvme-backports-debian-7-wheezy-v20141108 \
     --image-project gce-nvme


ERROR: (gcloud.compute.instances.create) Some requests did not succeed:
 - Invalid value for field 'resource.diskTypes': 'projects/xxx/zones/us-central1-f/diskTypes/local-ssd'.  Resource was not found.

My gcloud is up to date

gcloud version
Google Cloud SDK 0.9.64

alpha 2015.06.02
bq 2.0.18
bq-nix 2.0.18
compute 2015.06.09
core 2015.06.09
core-nix 2015.06.02
dns 2015.06.02
gcloud 2015.06.09
gcutil 1.16.5
gcutil-msg 2015.06.09
gsutil 4.13
gsutil-nix 4.12
kubectl-darwin-x86_64 0.18.1
preview 2015.06.09
sql 2015.06.09

I run OSX. Did I forget something?

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