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I'm building a program that processes csv files and extracts data from them using a shell script whenever a user uploads the file to a google storage bucket. Users can upload files any number of times in a day and they have to be processed immediately. How can I achieve this ?

If you have the program that will be processing the csv files on a Linux machine you can do this:

  1. Create a IAM user to get access to the bucket with the csv.
  2. Install the gsutil on your linux and configure the access with the IAM user.
  3. Create a shell script using the gsutil rsync command like, here the documentation.

    gsutil rsync -d -r bucket local_dir

  4. With this command you can synchronize a bucket with a local folder and viceversa, so only the new files will be downloaded, you can do this every minute or wherever you want.

  5. Process the new cvs files

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