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Today change the size of my VM, memory and processor. When doing this I did not mark the previous external IP as static. So the IP change and I want to go back to the previous one.

I have tried from the gcloud console but it tells me that the IP I want to assign was not found in the "us-central1" region.

These were the steps I took after what happened in windows:

gcloud compute instances delete-access-config [SERVER_INSTANCE] --access-config-name [CONFIG_NAME]


gcloud compute instances add-access-config [SERVER_INSTANCE] --access-config-name [CONFIG_NAME] --address [OLD_IP]

It is very important to recover that IP(OLD_IP)

From already thank you very much for the help

As explained in the Google groups post, an ephemeral IP is released when you delete the resource that is using it. You can promote or reserve an static IP as explained on this link Static external IP addresses.

Note that you can't recover an ephemeral IP.

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