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I want to configure autoscaling based on memory using stackdriver metrics. I've installed stackdriver agent on VM and when I'm trying to configure Instance groups and I choose stackdriver metrics. I've got information This feature is not available for this project.

Could help me?

This error appears to suggest that you’re using the Stackdriver Basic Tier which allows ‘Logging agent only’ as per the documentation, section ‘Stackdriver account service tiers’.

I presume you would need the Premium Tier:

Basic Tier: Stackdriver VM agents Logging agent only        

Premium Tier: Logging agent and Monitoring agent

The Basic Tier is free. It provides basic features, a moderate allotment of logs, and access to built-in metrics. If you try using metrics other than the built-in ones, you may get this error.

As per this documentation the Monitoring agent's metrics are only available with the Stackdriver Premium service tier.

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