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Any idea whether Google bills for IP that are attached to stopped VMs, and is it the same rate as for an unused IP? (which actually makes sense). says:

  • Static IP address (assigned but unused) - $0.010 / h
  • Static IP address (assigned and in use) - No charge
  • Ephemeral IP address (attached to instance or forwarding rule) - No charge

Find out unused:

bash# gcloud compute addresses list
NAME                     REGION        ADDRESS         STATUS
artifactory-2-vm         europe-west1  10.132.x.x      IN_USE
artifactory-2-vm-pub     europe-west1  35.210.x.x      RESERVED
artifactory-2-vm-public  europe-west1  35.210.x.x      IN_USE

Remove unused:

gcloud compute addresses delete artifactory-2-vm-pub --region=europe-west1
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