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Have started setting up a Google Compute VM-node, following a 'hello-word' tutorial.

To my surprise it seems like the "create" button is not active. To illustrate this oddity, here is a screen-shot

enter image description here

Does anyone have a clue for why 'I am not allowed' to construct such an instance? It could be the web-browsers: tested both Chromium and Firefox using Ubuntu-LTS 12.04, though to no avail.

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    • Hi, thanks for your time looking into the issue: sadly it turns out that the problem is hidden 'somewhere in the user-database of Google-Cloud': Google-clouds support-team is currently on the task, ie, I will update this post when 'the bug has been sought out': challenge is that the problem/bug seems cantered around the current account, if other have ideas of 'approaches'/work-arounds, I would be thankful if you would put them forward.
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    • I'm glad to know that your issue has been resolved. You can post the solution as an answer and accept it, which will help other users with the same issue.
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    • Wilco: omitted it, ie, as it was strictly speaking your suggestion (in a different forum) which resolved it. However, ie, given your humbleness, I for sure will do: thanks for the help! ;)

Issue resolved, ie, thanks to Google Clouds support team.

In brief, what solved the issue was to use the bash/terminal API to identify the bug, a bug which was resolved through the creation/construction of a new network (ie, at the network-tab in Google Clouds web-based menu).

Steps taken:

  • step1: use the "gcloud" tool (
  • step2: search the web for the following warning: "ERROR: (gcloud.compute.instances.create) Some requests did not succeed: ... Resource was not found"
  • step3: follow instructions at!topic/gce-discussion/wl1P9UjdJko

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