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How to check solaris LDOM build?

I have a newly built Solaris LDOM, I need to check the same for acceptance. Can anybody tell me which commands I need to perform to check whether the LDOM is properly built?

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    • You should take a moment to review the questions you've asked to see if any of the answers worked for you. Only you've only marked accepted answers on 2 of your questions so far. It's good feedback to the community to know when an answer solves the problem.

Properly built for what? You need to define what you want your LDOM to be ready to serve. An LDOM build is no different from a normal Solaris installation. The only things to check that are LDOM specific are possibly hardware resources available to the LDOM, has the SA assigned the correct number of threads/cores to the LDOM, correct amount of memory and disk etc. The commands to check this are the same as you use to check in non-LDOM Solaris (psrinfo, prtdiag etc).

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