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Solaris Service not showing any status in svcs

I'm creating a solaris service using SMF by following steps:

  1. Create SMF manifest
  2. Import manifest via svccfg
  3. Enable it using svcadm
  4. Check status using svcs

Now in this process i had frequently added/deleted/modified the manifest. Sometimes i killed the service also. But suddenly it stopped showing any status in svcs. No logs are being generated in /var/svc/log/. How to bring it back working?

Currently i made it working again by rebooting the machine. Is there any software method also to perform the task?

Solaris 10 sparc architecture

If svcs is not showing anything you've managed to hose SMF.
This tends to happen when you Kermit Flail on systems (frequently added/deleted/modified the manifest. Sometimes i killed the service also).

In this situation rebooting is your best option -- SMF is not designed to be "restarted".

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    • Now i have little more information on this. i.e. in which scenario its happening. It happens when you start a service and the service crashes/is forcefully killed. In either case shouldn't the SMF restart the service?
    • @Bikram990 "You broke it because you made a bunch of changes without properly planning and thinking through the entire process. Next time think everything through very carefully before you start so you're not making multiple changes."

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