No, it's not necessary. It's a throwback from the old Sun days when their motto was "The Network Is The Computer" - and thought that everyone would use NIS (or NIS+) and NFS home directories.

If you're not using these then autofs can safely be turned off and /home returned to your control.

Although disabling the service with svcadm should be enough, you might also want to edit /etc/auto_master and remove the entry for /home, just in case.

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    • ooops, spoke too soon. Tested disabling autofs + deleting the /home line in /etc/auto_master, but now I get these errors: could not update ICEauthority file /home/{user}/.ICEauthority There is a problem with the configuration server. (user/lib/gconf-sanity-check-2 exited with status 256)

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