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Solaris Custom Jump Start Installation

I have configured the custom solaris jumpstart installation server. But it asks me for prompts at:

  1. Asks from a menu of 6 which installer to use, either 1. Interactive, 2. Custom jumpstart etc...
  2. Ask for next at system identification screen.
  3. Asks for NFSV4 next to continue button.

  4. Oracle registration, there is a check box that I want to NOT register with oracle, then I hit next and it asks for proxy servers info. After I hit next for the 2nd time then it installs.

my sysidcfg file is:

keyboard=US-English system_locale=en_US.ISO8859-1 timezone=US/Pacific timeserver=localhost terminal=xterms service_profile=open name_service=NONE security_policy=NONE root_password=Ax1sT8ZVkPzaM network_interface=e1000g0 {primary hostname=client1 netmask= protocol_ipv6=no default_route=} nfs4_domain=dynamic auto_reg=disable

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