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Solaris missing memory

I have two identical Sun/Oracle Netra X4250s both with 16 x 4096MB DIMMs (as reported by memconf.pl, prtdiag and the ILOM)

On one, prtconf shows 64768MB but the other shows 57344MB

16 x 4096 = 65536 so where is the missing memory and why is one showing 7424MB less than the other?

Neither server shows any hardware faults.

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    • If you can shut down for a bit, I'd crack the box open and check to make sure the memory you think is there really is. And if the memory you expect is installed, reseat the memory modules.
    • What are the contents of /etc/system? Does it have a physmem entry? What's the output from fmadm faulty?
    • /etc/system is the same across both boxes (verified with md5sum) and nothing about physmem. fmadm faulty comes back blank for both. I tried to post the contents of /etc/system but there were no line breaks
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    • Unfortunately, I only got approval to reboot one and the BIOS does, indeed show 57GB. Looks like we'll be getting some hardware support out on site.

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