I'm seeing a lot of items in /var/adm/messages that say:

Jul 23 10:31:01 server9008 *ERR TFS001: [ID 604114 local2.error] /mnt filesystem is 100% full (MTS)

And they appear about every 15 minutes.

I wonder what is causing them on this solaris 10 server.

The /mnt drive currently has a CD mounted and therefore it is expected that the drive would report 100% usage.

server9008 is the hostname.

These are entries are present in the /etc/syslog.conf:

*.info;auth,mail,daemon,local1,local2,local3,local4,local5,local6,local7,user.none /var/adm/syslog *.info;auth,local7,mail,daemon,user.none /var/adm/messages *.alert;local1,local2,local3,local4,local5,local6,local7,user,auth,mail,daemon.none /dev/sysmsg

    • It appears you have a file system monitoring application that's badly configured. Assuming a minor cut-and-paste error, "9008" may be the PID of the monitoring process. Also, any local2 entries in /etc/syslog.confcould provide clues to find the application.

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