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Solaris: information on sparc hardware

I'm having 2 solaris machines to manage, So i want to write my own scripts for getting various information. I'm able to get most of the information but not able to retrieve following:

  • Chassis type
  • Mother Board S/N
  • OS Language

I have no physical access to the machine. I'hv already tried dmi_cmd but it just got stuck at connecting. I'm not able to find sneep package. locale does not provide language information. Even if i try to set it, the command exits with error saying unable to set locale.

smbios would not work hence its a sparc machine.

Little rusty on sparc/solaris, but these might help ...

  • Chassis type : As far as I remember one of the uname switches will give you a model, e.g. v240. If you just run uname -a it should be in there somewhere.
  • S/N : try prtconf -v or lsconf
  • echo $LOCALE ?
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    • uname does not tells whether its a desktop/laptop/server prtconf does not revels S/N in my case echo $LOCALE ? does not return anything i tried without ? also
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    • However i was thinking of that chassis can be derived from the model name given by uname -i and use some look ups to decide laptop/desktop/server that would be requiring look up table it will not be consistent if the machine changes
    • echo $LOCALE should be echo $LANG or /usr/bin/locale - but that reports the locale/language settings you use, which aren't necessarily the system defaults (users can choose their own language). locale -a lists all the locales installed on the system.
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    • @alanc I want something like "locale -ck LC_IDENTIFICATION" in RHEL it specifies english etc

The command prtdiag will give you as much HW info as I have seen on Solaris machines look at /etc/default/init for default language settings

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