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Mount 'dd' backup via lofi

I've got a 9G backup from a dead Solaris machine (SS20) that I'm trying to mount via lofi in Solaris. It won't mount the entire image file and I'm not sure how to discover the partition layout so as to split it again with dd.

Am I better off just finding an appropriate sized thumb drive and going that route?

I'm not sure about Solaris, but with Linux there's a -o loop option. Could you try that and see if it works? If it doesn't, then edit your question and tell us what error message it's giving.

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    • # mount -F ufs /dev/lofi/1 /mnt mount: /dev/lofi/1 is not this fstype (In the console I also get the message 'mount: not a UFS magic number (0x65722e20) )
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    • After hassling with some oddities (mboot not installed, fdisk wants 'rlofi' and not 'lofi'), here's what I've got from fdisk: code # fdisk -G /dev/rlofi/1 * Physical geometry for device /dev/rlofi/1 * PCYL NCYL ACYL BCYL NHEAD NSECT SECSIZ 29482 29482 0 0 1 600 512 code
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    • You're on the right track, but see jilliagre's comment below. This will have to be mounted on a SPARC system.

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