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Trying to enable auditd but svcadm not in solaris 10

I am new to Solaris.

environment: Solaris 10/ i386

Here's my problem:

I want to enable auditd to start generating system auditing log file. (Like service aduitd start in CentOS.)

And every guide I found is saying that it can be enabled by svcadm.

But there's no svcadm in my system; I can't find where to install it (like rpm repos), either.

  • no anything like audit in /etc/init.d/
# svcs -a |grep audit
disabled       Jun_11   svc:/system/auditd:default
# svcadm
bash: svcadm: command not found

Please help me get the svcadm or enable auditd in the right way.


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