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Set XSCF to automatically poweron a physical partition

I have a Fujitsu M-10 with one physical partition (PPAR).

The PPAR runs a Solaris 11 guest which automatically boots when the PPAR is powered on.

The problem is that if the M-10 is power cycled, the PPAR must be powered on manually via the XSCF, e.g. poweron -p 00 -y.

Is it possible to make PPAR 0 automatically power on when the M-10 regains power?

I have tried setpowerschedule and I have both the schedule=enable and recover=on for PPAR 0, but the PPAR is still not powered on automatically after a power cycle.

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    • How long did you wait to see if the PPAR powers up? What's the power-up delay set to? showpowerupdelay
    • showpowerupdelay reports 0 minutes delay. I have just power cycled the M-10 and waited 30 mins. The PPAR has not powered on.

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