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How to backup and remove solaris zones?

Anyone know the commands to backup solaris zones?

If inside the solaris zone, i have also mounted to a separate directory in another network drive. How to make sure when during backup, the mounted files will also be copied over?

And also how to remove the solaris zones properly?


It depends on what kind of filesystem your zonepath is, if you are using zfs it could be just a matter of taking a snapshot and using zfs send to a file. Otherwise some methods are listed here http://www.solarisinternals.com/wiki/index.php/Zones_Best_Practices#Zone_Backups

I'd advise to backup any network drive (nfs share?) with a separate process ,using maybe a tar or cpio.

This is a good procedure to delete a zone http://www.logiqwest.com/dataCenter/Demos/RunBooks/Zones/deleteZone.html

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    • on global zone issue /usr/sbin/zoneadm list -vi ...... PATH are your zone paths, then lookup the filesystem in /etc/vfstab or try zfs list to see if you are using zfs

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