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Pulseaudio profile gone/wrong after update

I am having a weird problem right now. After an unattended system update on my desktop PC, Pulseaudio suddenly decided that it's not okay to have BOTH a working speaker AND a working microphone.

Both at the same time generally work, as running arecord | aplay lets me hear myself speak into the microphone, so I think it must be a Pulseaudio issue and not an ALSA one. The sound card is detected as a "CA0108/CA10300 [Sound Blaster Audigy Series] (SB1550 Audigy 5/Rx)" in pavucontrol. It has worked fine for about five years even through ALSA, Pulseaudio and even kernel upgrades. I absolutely didn't touch any system settings except for running a system update (the kernel was not updated).

In pavucontrol I am pretty sure there was some profile for both in- and output, but now there's only "Analog Stereo Output" (which won't detect the mic, "Input Devices" tab is empty) and "Analog Stereo Input" (which won't detect speakers, "Output Devices" tab is empty). There's also a bunch of surround sound and digital output and digital input profiles, but those don't do it either.

Can someone tell me what happened and how to get back to the previous setup? Thank you!

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