Android Application Development Basic Tutorial

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Hello friends, in this post I will try to tell you everything about Android Application Development. what we need and how to make your first app.

What we need to start?

  • A computer
  • Internet Connection (For Downloading Tools)

things Need to already know.

  • Basic of JAVA Programming Language.

Software Requirement

  • Android Studio & SDK
  • Java Development Kit (JDK)

Installing Java Development Kit

  • First of all we need to install JDK. (Download JDK 11)
  • Accept terms & Conditions and download package as per your operating system.
  • Run and install JDK setup.

Installing Android Studio

  • Download Android Studio for your OS.
  • For windows you will get an executable file for android studio installation.
  • Run installer and finish installation.
  • Android Studio will automatically download all tools needed automatically.
  • You can use AVD provided with Android Studio but if you want to use a light weight than you can download and install GenyMotion from here.(Not free.)

Create First Android Application

  • Open Android Studio
  • Click on Start a New Android Studio Project

  • Enter fill details in fields.
  • First one is name of your application
  • Next is your domain name, it will be used to create the java package in your project. it can be anything you want if you are do not have one or do not want to use it.
  • You can customize your package name if you want.
  • last one is for your project location to store you project data. you can change it to whatever location you want.
  • After all of this click next.

  • This time you have to select minimum version of android for your application.
  • Keep in mind all version below select one will not be eligible for you application.
  • Now Click on Next.

  • Now you have to select your activity name for you application.
  • this screen show multiple type of activity. your select one will be default launcher activity, you can change you launcher activity to another one if you want later.
  • For now select blank activity.
  • Now click next.

  • You can customize you activity name if you want.
  • All the fields are filled already with default data so you do not need to change anything unless you want to name it something else.
  • First field is for you activity name. This one is name for java file. You can change this one if you want.
  • Next field contains your layout name. all the visual elements are stored in layout which is a XML file. java file contains all the logic and XML file contains all the design for your application,
  • Next field contains name for our activity. this name will be visible on action bar of application.
  • All of these settings can be change after creating project, anytime you want.
  • Click on finish and wait for the project to build.

  • Activity we have created before already have an text view.
  • you can test this one activity simple application on you android phone or AVD.
  • You need too create and AVD first if you want to test it on your computer.
  • Click on Play button in android studio.
  • Wait for the Device selection dialog and select you device for app installation.
  • You will see you AVD up and running with you application.
  • Have a look at AVD now.

for now we have created our first project with default import. In upcoming tutorials we will start with android application development basics. share the post if you liked it. Thank You

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