How to change the Windows 10 network type from Public to Private

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When public, your Windows computer behaves exactly like you’re on a public connection, like at an airport or hotel Wi-Fi. While this is a welcome feature when you're at these places, it prevents your computer from any communication with other devices in your local network which is not helpful if you are trying to transfer some photos between your mobile and your computer for example.

1. Open the Windows 10 settings app by pressing the Windows Key + i or open the settings app from the start menu

2. Click on Network & Internet. Click the appropriate subcategory on the left, depending on the type of network connection that you use. Ethernet will show you your current network connection which can be either your LAN cable connection or your Wi-Fi connection.

3. Click on the connection name on the right under Ethernet. It should be the name of your LAN or Wi-Fi network connection followed by Connected.

4. Check the switch "Private". If it is off, then your computer will not allow connections with other devices in the same network, it is set to "Public". To make this connection "Private" and allow connections to other devices in your network, please turn this switch on.

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