Setting Up a Basic Development Environment from PHP Source

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How to create a development environment for PHP/Apache/MySQL on your ... to create your local Apache / PHP / MySQL environment on ... The script below will hook up with the "uestudio_test" database running on the localhost.

PHP's source code is hosted on GitHub. To build from source you will first need to check out a working copy of the code.

mkdir /usr/local/src/php-7.0/
cd /usr/local/src/php-7.0/
git clone -b PHP-7.0 .

If you want to add a feature, it's best to create your own branch.

git checkout -b my_private_branch

Finally, configure and build PHP

make test
make install

If the configuration fails due to missing dependencies, you will need to use your operating system's package

management system to install them (e.g. yum, apt, etc.) or download and compile them from the source.

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